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The Riot

10 TRACKS - 51:19 min - ALBUM

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NIGHTMARE about The Riot:

"Cultivated fools

Your day is starting now and you are very proud
To be a part of this what I call abyss
You mr. consumer, consuming every day
any lie they say and you don't even care

Watching TV shows
everything you need is shopping therapy
Go fast! Mix with the crowd
You must be like them and you don't even care

Surrender yourself
walk the easy way
No need to fight

Your only fucking dream, desire and sin
to live like moviestar but you're not in script
When will you understand it's the only way
to turn aside your mind from reality

Your day is starts again – everything's the same
It's better to prepare to wash your brain
You step inside the farm which they've built for you
There's nothing to do …. cultivated fool

Manufacture of life

Hear it comes the machine
all in dust all in sin
Human souls are its parts
on the way of prove and progress don't look apart
Welcome to the land of rules
where beings never have to choose
Hamsters in the biggest cage
parts of something decadent but ….

We are rejected, unnecessary, different parts
Here in the junk yard we're staying
No one will tell us what to do in our life
Flight to the stars we're waiting

Work hard, never lie
hero, commerce shows are your prize
News of nothing you can see
the master of remote control you'll be
Pray your god, lick his ass
maybe some extra tip you'll have
Or he'll invite you to lick
The ass of someones bigger chief

Buy a car, be a man
take all whores I don't want them
New clothes, new mind, new soul
answer the every fashion call
Stupid people can't be understand
so be modern – yes I'm your greatest fan
Living in lies, see no light
this is the manufacture of life

Fall from bottom

And this is the human race - noble and intelligent
society of happiness - develop, never fall
Here everyone is God and everyone can walk on water
Where everyone is special and all are idiots

We are the most pitiable sight
and this is completely our fault
Will survive the human race? - that's the question
and I'm not optimist

A vortex of crowd in toilet of the time
Today we're here tomorrow not, but always walk against the nature
We can't take decisions - the popular verdict make it
And we'll always live in service of ruler minds and payments

Our own creations are mankinds greatest fears
killing millions of people like plague for many years
Something walks behind us the bad experience I think
to remind us to the curse while inhume ourselves below

Kill the politicians

They say that our life is good - they're lying
They say will work for our best - they're liying
They just make high level crimes - they're frighting
Why the people are so blind - they'll cry

Take a brike and break his hand with it
then pee in skull while brain still pulse
All of them deserve this
Cause they are living horror beasts

They say "peace is marching on" - they're liying
They say "nations are together" - they're liying
They control all medias and It's so frighting
Peolpe don't be so blind they must cry

Cut his tounge and feed the dogs with it
All the politics must hang on trees
They are canser, must be surgeon quality
to remove them from the body of sociaty"

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