( Melodic Death, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal)

Life Was a Blur

6 TRACKS - 72:52 min - ALBUM

Released in 2013 | available on since Jul, 2013 | viewed 3031 times
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DESSIDERIUM about Life Was a Blur:

""Life Was a Blur" is the first album ever released by Dessiderium. Its recording began in early 2012 and was completed in June of 2013. The songs went through massive changes throughout the year, initially being an 8-track album with mixtures of Melodic Metal, Death Metal, and even Thrash Metal, before evolving into a 6-track Progressive Metal album with its own unique sound.

Musically the album takes influences from a variety of sounds. Stylistically, it is primarily inspired by Metal music from Scandinavia, with bands like Wintersun, Opeth, (early) Children of Bodom, (early) In Flames, and (early) Soilwork having some of the deepest impacts on its sound. Video game soundtracks were also defining influences in the albums sound. Composers such as Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu, and Yasunori Mitsuda played key roles in guiding the imagery and other wordily emotion that the album seeks to capture through its music alone.

Lyrically, each song takes on a personal life theme.


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HaydukeX said on Mon, 9. December 2013:

"I am going to play you on my radio show at some point. I dont know yet what episode. Im looking for interviews too done via Skype Details of the show can be found here:"

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